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Friday, August 13, 2010

The very first week

I never feel so energnize and productive long times ago... Yeah start working at my new company.
Ever since I start doing, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore Web Application project, that project really making me, and my fellows of team member DRY and PISS OFF.

Every thing is good here, new environment, new faces, new challenging for me..
new thing to learn.

But one thing I do missed from my excompany, I missed my system admin. Because I have to formatting my own laptop here at new company, freaking me off that it's been years ago that I never do that. Luckily with the new technology there is a thing called "recovery CD" Ok.. it's pretty much easier just dump in the CD and following the step appear on the screen.

Feel ashamed that telling other that I'm use to be a programmer but I do not know how to format my own laptop... tks tsk..

There are more thing to learn, no just on technical sides, but I have to conquer the some of the HP software bible as well...

time to go continue to do my study