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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is you ideal job?

Have you ever wonder... what type of job you wish to have?

If you could have any job, what would that be?

Tell me about the best job you have had.

What do you like doing most?

What have you liked most about jobs you have had before?

I believed education that we having it some how will affect what we going to do in the future.

I'm some how regret on what I'm working on it. But then when I think what what I have done on the past for my job... I'm kinda proud of it... Yes, I'm a programmer.

We as a team developed web site application for client from various type of fields, likes- banking, insurances, hotel, theme park, air lines...

Back to the history on what I'm actually studying on the past few years. Business Information system... Kinda blur and Do not know what I'm actually being taught on the course...

"The Business Information Systems programme is an applied computer science programme which majors in computer science with business information systems. It aims to produce Diploma graduates with fundamental knowledge in information technology and its business related applications. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of developing information systems, management, costing, accounting, electronic commerce, and mathematics. The programme is supported by case studies and computer laboratory assignments. In addition, students are exposed to part of the SAP curriculum like logistics and enterprise resource planning. Students will acquire practical skills in the C Language, XHTML, JavaScript, VB.NET, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft SQL Server, accounting software packages and be guided through the process of developing an information system."
OK I have to admitted that my understanding on the descriptions above N years back ago ...may be..10% - 20% I think. And it's too late to know what the heck and what exactly all those thing now. And it's basically what I'm working on it.

Ok, why I said I'm proud on what I'm because no matter how tough the task given, I'm try my bery bery best to delivered it to my boss. SOME of my uni- mates they already know being a programmer is non an easy task. So they switch to banking fields, some studying other course like piano. Some even no worked in IT field at all... See, how proud am I. At least I din waste my parents money at all... and my 4 years studies in my college and university.

And now I'm attached with one of the HP partnership company. I'm a consultant for HP Service Manager...still in learning process about the ITIL process. Things like Incident Management, Problem Management...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life is beautiful when you think of every thing creatively.

Seriously today I'm damn blur... because lack of sleep for continuous few days... (and stupidity me still go out watched mid night movie with some one... too boring i guess -_-")

It's been quite some times I stop blogging... but never mind I'm back for good now.

Some might know what happen to me for the past few months back. But it's doesn't matter, I don't give a damn for that person anymore... tns....

Life have to go on... oh yeah...

Can't wait for my new job, new destination to be visit, new friend to meet, there is a lot of more.. thing which I need to do...

Oh yes, I resigned from my current company... now lepak at office nothing to do.. tsh tsh tsh... :P So take this opportunity to update my blog. Give a new look for my blog, changed the layout which I think too girl-ly for me...

I been stop hunting for sample for skin care... too much of those sample in my room. I can't really finish it. So stop hunting for it, eh my face look better than last times .. duno why.. I get is not much stress already...

Can't wait for this coming September for my new job :P

(I started early on August :P)

Love ya :P

Perng ling with me at krabi trip

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

What if I'm a Russian Spy... that hot and sexy like Angelina Jolie.

If I'm a Russian Spy that have have body and brain. I definitely will quit the spy job.
Look for some millionaire seduce him.

Spend all his money, buying branded bag, go for High tea, enjoying spa.
Relax at home, doing thing that I love to do.

Travel around the world , shop at various of different shopping complex around the world.

Loving it... so much!

And by that times.. I don't give a damn on the mission by Mother Russia ...

my mission will be only spend , spend , spend and enjoy life.

But still loving Angelina Jolie cool acting in the SALT.