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Friday, April 30, 2010

AV pissed some one off today

Today suppose to be a good Friday, 1st of May we having public holiday every one going for holidays and I will have a long break for one week as well.

There is some one that we feel irritating we name that fellas AV- Aunty Visit. Because that fellas always black face. Don't even know what the heck in that fella brains or may be that characteristic memang like that. But working as a team member, in the same project if you faced the same damn ugly black face every day. It will definitely demotivate us. In a team, we have to team work, co-operation , sharing in a positive way.

Hiah... I some how feel lucky because I'm roll off that project. Going to start my new journey in some new fresh project.

I can't believe that tat AV could really pissed some one of until that person wrote that message as below :P

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Benefit 2010 - Warehouse Salessss

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Come ruumz with me to get free sample and facial treament

Ladies, here’s something special just for you!

Step 1 : Join ruumz or login to your account

Step 2 : Join the powderuum Group

The 1st 300 people to join the powderuum Group (the option to join is located on the left hand
side of the page) and will be entitled to a free Dermalogica Clean Start sample set.

Collect your sample set from any AsterSpring or Leonard Drake outlets and you’ll also get a complimentary Face mapping and Express Facial worth RM48.

How to join this contest

Aster Spring got 100 vouchers to give away, so hurry!

Step 1 : Join ruumz or login to your account

Step 2 : Join the powderuum Group

Step 3 : Upload your photo (with the message on what “Beauty” means to you) to the “Origin of Beauty” photo album. OR simply leave a comment what "Beauty" means to you .

Come ruumz with me... hurry Up!!!

Cheers :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Top Reasons to Install Digsby's in your PC.

Digsby have 5 features which I believed every one using in daily life.


  • You can check, read and respond to your email tru Digsby.


  • You can Twitter-ing over Digsby.


  • You can update FB your status, answering your FB Wall posts and Facebook chat.

IM- MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, AOL, even ICQ

  • You can respond to your yahoo message,MSN, Gtalk sekali gus at Digsby.

The Little Things

  • Digsby's have a small or tiny features thing, when you get an IM, a pop-up will prompt up.
  • Easy hiding and showing of the application. Hiding from your boss when you facebook-ing kekeke

The Key to Life, The Code to Youth. ~ Reveal the beuty with Life Code Anti-aging

I like the slogan/ motto that I found at Life Code Anti Aging beauty website.

Get to know about this product or brand(Life Code Anti Aging) from Miu Blog, and surprising she is having a project with Life Code Anti Aging to selected 11 lucky blogger to attend a workshop and beauty spa.
Plus the 11 lucky bloggers will be giving out skincare starter kit worth RM250 as well. Interesting right!!!

Lets talk about some important information about Life Code Anti Aging company.

- LIFE CODE is a world class anti-aging platform which has currently helped thousands of people in the world to reverse aging within 3 to 15 minutes. (Impressive... ) Below is the picture of the factory produced tons of beauty products...

-Life Code Anti Aging is the world's Top 3 skin care and cosmetic manufacturing group.Brand like :- SK II (Raw material provider), CLARINS, GUERLAIN, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, BOOTS (U.K), PUPA, KARSTADT, MARKS & SPENCER, BLOOMINGDALE, AVON, HERTIE AND HORTON, SAX, SUPER DRUG, DEBORAH, JC PENNY. Its manufactured under Life Code Anti-Aging.

Core Product from Anti-Aging

1. BioTRA™ Skin Care Series
2. Cell Regenerative Series
3. Organic Makeup Series
4. Miracle S.T. House

To know more about this product you may click on the link above.

Ok, here is the detail about the gathering.

"The Key To Life, The Code to Youth"
Date: 16th May (Sunday)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
No. of pax: 11 bloggers+ Miu
F&B provided

Last but not least, find more information about the gathering at Tammy@Miu - Life Code Anti-Aging Project

Digsby - Show your power

Check out the latest messenger which combine with twitter, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, basically its IM+ Email + Social networks..

HAHAHHA I my company system admin I don't mind you block the facebook again...

CLICK on the cute little green guys photo to redirect to the page for demo and the application download.

I'm going to download it later on !!!

Cool man...!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Win Ipman 2 Ticket from TV3 and OneFm

It's always too late to get the thing if you really want. :P

I wanna to submit my photo for the Ipman contest which organized by nuffnang 2 weeks ago but it due date already.

And today spotted another Ipman movie ticket giveaway contest this at mui blog/facebook.

Click on the link to redirect to the page of contest.

Actually not one by 2, there is another Ipman movie ticket giveaway contest at OneFm website. All you need to do is answer some simple questions and fill in the slogan.

Click here to find out more.

Below is the photo that i submitted to TV3... :P

Trade In with Origins

Saw this advertisement at not too sure the detail. Any one that pass by Garden can ask for more information?

Get some latest information from Origins,

They're currently running a Trade in & Trade up promo at Origins Parkson Pavilion. For every RM100 you spend, you will receive this limited-edition cleanser - choice of A Perfect World cleanser or Checks and Balances.

What's so special?
The packaging of these two limited-edition cleansers are produced using recycled materials.
You can't get anymore eco-friendlier than this!

Limited quantities only. Valid from now till 2nd May!"

Make Me A Model by Estee Lauder

CLEO giving chance to all the reader to become a Model, all the reader need to do is be the first 14 to register online. And I'm so lucky that I'm the top 14 registered reader at
You can refer my previous post here.
The event I'm talking about here is ~ Estée Lauder Model Search 2010 Roadshows.(Save my RM280 to dream about be a model, and got a RM50 voucher as well, Thanks for CLEO and Estée Lauder)

And I have registered my self will going for the make up session at KLCC, on the 7th of July.
Wish me luck yeah!!!

For those that interest to dream like me here are the detail about the event/roadshow.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

Oh.. God.. I love this title.

Every one love traveling I believed, nowadays we are so lucky can travel around the world with air plane with the reasonable price and affordable price. Compare with last times, when our grandparents that generations.

My dream destination will be Greece - Santorini.

Love the history of the place, and the islands at the place.

Just imagine with the picture below, you having your romantic honeymoon trip with your love one together. And both of you enjoying the wind that blow to your face and you can smell the salty smell from the sea.

Santorini, is one of the most popular travel destination in Greece and also the southernmost of the Cyclades chain of Greek Islands. The island official name is “Thera”. The island is known for its beautiful beaches. You can travel the town and see Santorini's main attractions in a day, the best suggestion is rent a cruise and have a tour around the islands.

The first view of the island is of a cliff of dark volcanic rock towering above the deep blue Aegean. Tiers of white house’s first appear as "snow “spread along the edge of the island's cliffs. Please refer picture below.

I still do not have the chance to travel to my dream destination, but I believe one day I will go there with my love one. If our local budget air line offer the flight to the place I will definitely go there, but too bad they don't fly over there.

Luckily, MAS - can make my dream come true one day :P

Please visit the URL below to get more information about MAS air.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gatsby + Me @ Times Square

17th April 2010 - Times Square .

Finally the day have come, GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair. - LARGEST blogger gathering and Gatsby manage to enter the event to Malaysia book of records.

Below are the brief itinerary on that day.

10:00 AM - Blogger started to Q up in front of Times Square
11:00 AM - Malaysia Book of Records staff come over to take our group photo which 400++ of all of us.
11:15 AM - Start playing street fair games. All of us busy playing game to collect point to exchange Gatsby product.
1:30 PM - Redemption counter setting up, for us to exchange the Gatsby Product.
2:30 PM - First round of lucky draw.
5:00 PM - Last round of the lucky draw.

Lets the picture describe the fun , and excitement that we have on that day.

To conclude this post, I would like to give a big Thank to Gatsby, Nuffnang to giving out this opportunity to for us to have fun

Miu and blogger V

Recently, there is some hot post at Miu's Blog. It's not about review products, it's not about warehouse sales news not about freebies.

- It's about her own feeling, some thing which happen between her and with other blogger.

The truth which we may not know, only the parties involved only will know. But as reader/ blogger which some of you out there.

We blog for our interest, for joy. It's very sad that thing like that happen. Most serious is, some of the reader supporting each other to fight against each other till lawsuit. Which i think is not necessary.

Below some of the points which I would like to share with the rest.

I do hoped, Miu and the other blogger will find their way to sort the thing out peacefully.

12 Attitudes A Successful Blogger Should Have

1) Be Kind – Treat every of your readers as your buddies, never scold your readers. If they being rude to you first, you should say :”Thanks!”. Treat your readers as your friends, sharing great tips and being friendly.

2) Be Honest – Never cheat your readers to buy some useless products because of you just want to make money out of it. You could recommend the quality products to your readers and ask whether they’re fine to buy it with your affiliate link.

3) Be Enthusiasm – Try to catch up with your readers and try to be enthusiasm while replying their comments or emailing them. Your readers will be feeling relax while reading your blog.

4) Be Active – Try to be active but not hyperactive, try to update your blog regularly and reply comments (says 3 articles in a week). Just to show your readers that your blog is not dead, still healthy and in good condition, no stroke or dilemma.

5) Be Caring – Try to help your readers’ questions and problems, never say “I don’t know” unless you really don’t know about the things.

6) Be Helpful – Whenever your readers ask for help, such as blog review, products review etc, try to help them out. If you want something reasonable and affordable in return, ask them for it.

7) Be Intelligent – You should be having the knownledge in your field and you know what are you sharing with your readers, never share something that you don’t know and you’re not able to answer your readers’ inquiries.

8 ) Be Available – Available doesn’t mean you’re single and available to have a girlfriend, I mean able to contact via email or any other methods. I’ve experienced some bloggers never replied when I contacted them via email. It’s not the right attitude, your readers will run away and never come back.

9) Be Sporty – Not only take, but gives as well! Organizing some contest and giveaway free gift or hard core cash!

10) Be Generous – Don’t just getting inbound links only, link out to some useful resources and share it with your readers.

11) Be Cool – Try to be cool and stand out from the crowd, readers love cool blogger. Readers love blogger who will give surprise to them.

12) Be Modest – Don’t be arrogant even though you’re expert or professional in your field, you just piss off your readers.

Everyone should learn to have these attitudes in order to become a successful blogger, not necessary to have them all but at least half of the above listed attitudes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

NEED FAST AND Convenient Broadband services...?
NEED EASY Way to Get Connect...?
NEED PROMISES HIGH END SPEED for you Broadband...?

Stop comparing with TX NXT, DXGX...


P1 proudly brings you P1 W1MAX, the service where you can surf on our high-speed wireless broadband network with the ease of a plug-and-play modem-xxx.

WHY we choose P1? BECAUSE Every 1 love ... (Please refer below)

By looking at the picture, who those that are NON IT person or not catching up with the technology thing. Do you know what is the little blackie thing called?

Its called -

USB Modem or Dongle

You may have heard about mobile broadband as it is currently one of the flagship products that has allowed mobile phone networks to grab a piece of the broadband internet pie and its technology has made it possible to have a truly portable internet connection that is the solution to many of the problems with land line broadband.

But what a mobile broadband USB dongle is exactly is never made perfectly clear in much of the advertising surrounding it, so it's important to clear up a few key things in order to make sure that you're well equipped to choose the mobile broadband dongle and deal that's right for you.

The best deal in town, is P1 you can find out the price and some brief detail which i have posted on top.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beauty secrets

Great article to read from The Star. Check out how safe are those make up, skin care that we apply every day on our face.

We might be poisoning our self which we don't even realized.

Beauty secrets

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stila Lip Gloss from miu

Got the lip gloss that I bought from Miu recently, she was so sweet attached the post together with shisheido sample as well... ten kiu ten kiu

and check out her name card as below.

Monday, April 5, 2010

GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair !!!

Yeah I get invited to the GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair!! So happy !!! See You all there !!!

Estée Lauder Model Search 2010 Roadshows!

BE The first 14 askCLEO readers to RSVP here from April 1-20 will stand a chance to attend a make-over session at the Estée Lauder Model Search 2010 roadshows! Estée Lauder will waive the RM280 make-over voucher that entitles you entry to the Search, so you get to enjoy a free make-over session, receive a RM50 cash voucher and have this golden opportunity to be discovered as a model!

What you'll win if you're one of the two winners of the Estée Lauder Model Search 2010:

  • Estée Lauder Malaysia Brand Ambassador title
  • All-expense paid 6D/5N professional photography session with Canon in Australia
  • A 7-page beauty spread in CLEO and other top fashion magazines in Malaysia
  • Estée Lauder products worth RM10,000
  • Eclipse shopping vouchers worth RM1,500
  • A model’s portfolio worth RM2,000
  • RM1,000 worth of hairstyling services at Miko Hair Studio

Roadshow locations:

  • Centre Court Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur: 28 April – 4 May 2010 (03-2284 8422)
  • Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh: 10 May – 16 May 2010 (05- 549 5266)
  • Metrojaya Plaza Pelangi, Johor Bahru: 19 May – 23 May 2010 (07-332 9976)
  • Parkson One Utama, Petaling Jaya: 26 May – 30 May 2010 (03-7726 2377)
  • Jusco Queensbay Mall, Penang: 10 June – 13 June 2010 (04-641 1108)
  • Parkson The Spring, Kuching : 17 June – 20th June 2010 (082-425 080)
  • Parkson Mahkota Parade, Melaka : 16 June – 20 June 2010 (06-282 7123)
  • Isetan Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur: 6 July – 11 July 2010 (03-2382 0600)


Celebrate Lancôme's 75th Anniversary with a Make-over!

Lancôme is giving 75 askCLEO members a fantastic opportunity to experience complimentary "full" make-overs worth RM150 by their team of experts, Lancôme Color Design Artists (LCDA). Plus, you'll get to bring home a door gift of Lancôme products worth RM250!

WHEN: 4 & 5 June 2010
TIME: 10am - 6pm
WHERE: Klang Valley & Penang

Makeover locations:
  • Isetan KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
  • Parkson KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
  • Jusco Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur
  • Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur
  • Sogo, Kuala Lumpur
  • Parkson Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
  • Parkson Subang Parade, Selangor
  • Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang
Terms and conditions:
Failure to attend the make-over will disqualify the participant's claim to the door gift. Successful participants will be notified by post and telephone.

RSVP at need to sign in as an member first) or call them at 03 7725 9998 before May 21 and we'll be in touch soon if you're one of the privileged 75!

More information at ASK CLEO !!!