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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joke of Today #1

Below conversation between me and wc.

wc: Hey, so when you wanan buy the ipad ?
me: Mnnnn, I was thinking wanna to ask xyz to get for me at Sg. He going down to sg soon. But then do you think if I pass my credit card to him ask him to swipe using my credit card izzit ok?
wc: Why you wanan pass your credit card to him?
me: Collect point mah... RM2k++ le.. can collect a lot of points..
wc: -_-"""
..... another few minute....
wc: hey, you check out from apple website they got this free delivery shipping services leh...
me: Ya mei, pause awhile... eh.. but then if I buy at sg, then I can request for the redemption for tax, I can get back some money le..
wc: Wah lao le... like that also can you think of...
me: ....

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