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Friday, July 26, 2013

Where should we go for honeymoon?

Thinking where to go after you wedding to release your tension after few months preparing your wedding? You probably will start doing some survey by asking Mr Google.... Top 10 Beaches... Top 10 Cities... Top 10 Cheaper Places to go... hehehheheh...

Common places couples go for holidays... Japan, Europe, Korea, Bali...?

Budget constraint most likely we only can go the places as below:-


If no Mr Money Approve the claim ,below will be me & my hb choice:-


For those that really have no idea where to go, here are some reference. You just need to answer some questions and the final of the quiz you will have a description what type of person you are and place suggested for you to go for honeymoon.

I am very sure I like Greece but I don't think I'm a Romantic Soul..

Happy Friday :)

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