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Friday, November 12, 2010

Brazilian @ Airport…? Let’s go

Hurray, Tammy is giving the chance for her reader to pan leng leng again…

She will be select 3 of her fren to have a wax treat at Apronbay (Yes,waxing :P babe) and what you need to do is share about this good news and tell her why you would like to go.

you can check out more info at her blog


WHY I want to go…?

1) I never try out the Brazilian Wax thing … No pain No gain :P

2) Is an interesting services that this beauty boutique Apronbay with an Air Travel concept. Just imagine you are awaiting for your flight to then you can relaxing and enjoying waxing and pampering yourself at the air port.Which usually, we need to rush and keep on watching at our watch, checking which boarding gate we suppose to enter…(I really want to feel it, like tai tai waiting for boarding at air port lol….)

3) I never won any invitation from Tammy loh….

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