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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't get enough cheese from Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy!!!

What you all know about Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza? Some might know, some might do not know!

Some can’t get enough about it? Some Shy with it, some falling in love with it some might haven’t try it out yet!

And I’m crazy about it even thought I’m not too sure what it’s at first!

So what it every one cheeees..sssyy about it?

Yes, Let me present…

The POWER OF CHEESE from Pizza Hut. This yummy delicious pizza loaded with 6 type of premium cheese.

  • Why we all love it???

  • It’s tasty with 6 types of premium cheese which other pizza store don’t have :)

  • Affordable price to share the joy with your love one no matter what occasion, lazy to drive out to dine, just called delivered…1300-88-2525 :)

Just in case you do not know what Set meal they have, you can refer below :)

We all love it, not matter Chinese, Malay and Indian... hahaha

Grab this golden opportunity to try out this extraordinary Cheesy 6 Pizza at pizza hut and win some prize too all under one roof at Pizza Hut!!!

Even the sad one can smile now, after having some great time at Pizza Hut!!!

Can't get enough cheese from pizza hut!!!

“I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”