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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miu and blogger V

Recently, there is some hot post at Miu's Blog. It's not about review products, it's not about warehouse sales news not about freebies.

- It's about her own feeling, some thing which happen between her and with other blogger.

The truth which we may not know, only the parties involved only will know. But as reader/ blogger which some of you out there.

We blog for our interest, for joy. It's very sad that thing like that happen. Most serious is, some of the reader supporting each other to fight against each other till lawsuit. Which i think is not necessary.

Below some of the points which I would like to share with the rest.

I do hoped, Miu and the other blogger will find their way to sort the thing out peacefully.

12 Attitudes A Successful Blogger Should Have

1) Be Kind – Treat every of your readers as your buddies, never scold your readers. If they being rude to you first, you should say :”Thanks!”. Treat your readers as your friends, sharing great tips and being friendly.

2) Be Honest – Never cheat your readers to buy some useless products because of you just want to make money out of it. You could recommend the quality products to your readers and ask whether they’re fine to buy it with your affiliate link.

3) Be Enthusiasm – Try to catch up with your readers and try to be enthusiasm while replying their comments or emailing them. Your readers will be feeling relax while reading your blog.

4) Be Active – Try to be active but not hyperactive, try to update your blog regularly and reply comments (says 3 articles in a week). Just to show your readers that your blog is not dead, still healthy and in good condition, no stroke or dilemma.

5) Be Caring – Try to help your readers’ questions and problems, never say “I don’t know” unless you really don’t know about the things.

6) Be Helpful – Whenever your readers ask for help, such as blog review, products review etc, try to help them out. If you want something reasonable and affordable in return, ask them for it.

7) Be Intelligent – You should be having the knownledge in your field and you know what are you sharing with your readers, never share something that you don’t know and you’re not able to answer your readers’ inquiries.

8 ) Be Available – Available doesn’t mean you’re single and available to have a girlfriend, I mean able to contact via email or any other methods. I’ve experienced some bloggers never replied when I contacted them via email. It’s not the right attitude, your readers will run away and never come back.

9) Be Sporty – Not only take, but gives as well! Organizing some contest and giveaway free gift or hard core cash!

10) Be Generous – Don’t just getting inbound links only, link out to some useful resources and share it with your readers.

11) Be Cool – Try to be cool and stand out from the crowd, readers love cool blogger. Readers love blogger who will give surprise to them.

12) Be Modest – Don’t be arrogant even though you’re expert or professional in your field, you just piss off your readers.

Everyone should learn to have these attitudes in order to become a successful blogger, not necessary to have them all but at least half of the above listed attitudes.

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  1. looks like becoming a blogger is so tough man.. the 12 tips.. sounds like superman blogger.. O_O