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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Top Reasons to Install Digsby's in your PC.

Digsby have 5 features which I believed every one using in daily life.


  • You can check, read and respond to your email tru Digsby.


  • You can Twitter-ing over Digsby.


  • You can update FB your status, answering your FB Wall posts and Facebook chat.

IM- MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, AOL, even ICQ

  • You can respond to your yahoo message,MSN, Gtalk sekali gus at Digsby.

The Little Things

  • Digsby's have a small or tiny features thing, when you get an IM, a pop-up will prompt up.
  • Easy hiding and showing of the application. Hiding from your boss when you facebook-ing kekeke

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