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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

Oh.. God.. I love this title.

Every one love traveling I believed, nowadays we are so lucky can travel around the world with air plane with the reasonable price and affordable price. Compare with last times, when our grandparents that generations.

My dream destination will be Greece - Santorini.

Love the history of the place, and the islands at the place.

Just imagine with the picture below, you having your romantic honeymoon trip with your love one together. And both of you enjoying the wind that blow to your face and you can smell the salty smell from the sea.

Santorini, is one of the most popular travel destination in Greece and also the southernmost of the Cyclades chain of Greek Islands. The island official name is “Thera”. The island is known for its beautiful beaches. You can travel the town and see Santorini's main attractions in a day, the best suggestion is rent a cruise and have a tour around the islands.

The first view of the island is of a cliff of dark volcanic rock towering above the deep blue Aegean. Tiers of white house’s first appear as "snow “spread along the edge of the island's cliffs. Please refer picture below.

I still do not have the chance to travel to my dream destination, but I believe one day I will go there with my love one. If our local budget air line offer the flight to the place I will definitely go there, but too bad they don't fly over there.

Luckily, MAS - can make my dream come true one day :P

Please visit the URL below to get more information about MAS air.

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