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Friday, April 30, 2010

AV pissed some one off today

Today suppose to be a good Friday, 1st of May we having public holiday every one going for holidays and I will have a long break for one week as well.

There is some one that we feel irritating we name that fellas AV- Aunty Visit. Because that fellas always black face. Don't even know what the heck in that fella brains or may be that characteristic memang like that. But working as a team member, in the same project if you faced the same damn ugly black face every day. It will definitely demotivate us. In a team, we have to team work, co-operation , sharing in a positive way.

Hiah... I some how feel lucky because I'm roll off that project. Going to start my new journey in some new fresh project.

I can't believe that tat AV could really pissed some one of until that person wrote that message as below :P

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